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Tim Cheadle

Hi, I'm Tim Cheadle.

I'm an engineering and product leader dedicated to elevating people and solving problems that matter.

I am currently on sabbatical. During my career I've worked with businesses of all sizes, including Shopify, Google, Binti, Resolve to Save Lives, and General Assembly. My role has ranged from founder and executive to manager and full stack engineer. I’ve done everything from CSS to DNS.

I love cultivating teams and creating meaningful products that empower people to thrive. I also like writing, speaking at conferences, and coaching engineers and managers to improve their craft and grow.

Outside of work you'll find me playing with my kids, exploring new places, diving deep into music, talking basketball and sneakers, or cooking for friends.

Learn more about me or check out my talks and interviews.

Be kind. ♥️

Recent Posts

How to work with me

As a part of onboarding at Binti, new hires are expected to work on a "user guide", a short document that offers guidance on how each person likes to work. It includes things like communication styles, preferences about feedback, and a little about them as a whole person.

How to work with me

Forty one

I’m learning that my forties may be my most fulfilling years yet.

Forty one

Which job should I take?

A clear way to evaluate and score job offers with a focus on what matters.

A hiker in a forest, stopped at a fork in the path