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Tim Cheadle

Hello, I'm Tim Cheadle

I'm an engineering and product leader focused on nurturing teams that help solve human problems.

I work at Binti, where I lead the engineering team working to improve child welfare. We build tools to assist families and agencies involved in adoption and fostering. Our goal is to help every child have a loving family.

Previously I was the Director of Engineering at Resolve to Save Lives, where I worked to improve software for public health. We built Simple, a free tool used in India, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia to treat over 3 million patients with hypertension.

I've also led teams at Shopify, Google, General Assembly, and operated my own agency. I've long served as a mentor and open source contributor. I aim to build great teams and make simple software that empowers humans and businesses to thrive.

Be kind. ♥️

Recent Posts

How to work with me

I recently started work as VP of Engineering at Binti. As a part of onboarding, new hires are expected to work on a "user guide", a short document that offers guidance on how each person likes to work. It includes things like communication styles, preferences about feedback, and

How to work with me

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I’m learning that my forties may be my most fulfilling years yet.

Forty one

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