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About me

Tim Cheadle is a product and engineering leader focused on building empathy and value to solve human problems.

A portrait of me, wearing sunglasses, on the streets of Bangalore, India

Hello! My name is Tim.

I have over 20 years of experience, doing everything from CSS to DNS. I've led product teams at Binti and Shopify, infrastructure and reliability teams at Google, education teams at General Assembly, and non-profit teams at Resolve to Save Lives. I've been the CTO at startups and operated my own agency.

See my résumé for more about what I’ve accomplished.

Currently I work at Binti, where I lead the engineering team working to improve child welfare. We build tools to assist families and agencies involved in adoption and fostering. Our goal is to help every child have a loving family.

Prior to this role, I was a Senior Engineering Manager at Shopify. I led the Shopify Shipping team, empowering millions of merchants to buy shipping labels from carriers worldwide. With my UX and Product counterparts, I set strategy and managed a team of 50 engineers to grow the business while improving tools and APIs merchants need for tracking and delivery.

Previously I was the Director of Engineering at Resolve to Save Lives, a global public health non-profit led by Dr. Tom Frieden, former CDC director for President Obama. Resolve's goal is to save 100 million lives in 30 years by improving cardiovascular health around the world. To get there, Daniel Burka and I led the team building to support large-scale hypertension and diabetes programs. Our app is used daily in thousands of clinics, helping treat over 3 million patients in India, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia.

I spent the first half of my career building core foundations of the internet, in Network Ops at AOL and in Site Reliability Engineering and global infrastructure at Google. I focused on improving my technical chops, shipping code that scales, and beginning tech leadership & management.

For 7 years, I ran my own consulting agency. I built web apps and UX design with Automattic, SkillPop, car dealers, national print shops, and many companies in between. I learned to sell and work with business as a whole, learning that great tech helps humans add value to their lives.

Throughout my career, I’ve had many people guide and help me reach my potential. I’m passionate about giving back, previously working in education at General Assembly and serving as a weekly mentor with Out of Office Hours for years. I also volunteered on the Friends Council for the my local library for 4 years. Service is a core value in everything I do.

I'm looking for an senior engineering manager or staff developer role, making products I can empathize with and want to see thrive in the world. I'm also interested in VC operator roles, helping find and guide portfolio companies.

I want to work hard and make an impact. Read more about what I value in a job.

I'm an extrovert who values sinking my teeth into a product and helping my team become the best versions of themselves. I enjoy being a part of organizations with a positive outlook, solid foundations, and appreciation for their workers.

Me, my wife, and my two kids, smiling and ready for the holidays

I have two amazing kids and every day I learn about the huge overlap between parenting philosophy and management. There's something to be said for letting your kids (and team) make mistakes and being there to lift them back up.

I’m passionate about music and food. I play piano, drums, and I’ve been a DJ since I was in high school. I love traveling the world and meeting its people and cuisine. I also have a solid whiskey collection; my favorite one is the one I get to share with friends.

We're a good fit if you're looking for someone who can make decisions quickly, understand wider business needs, and trust to hit the milestones that matter for your customers. You're not afraid to iterate quickly, and you're open to new ideas.

You want someone to collaborate with, elevate team culture and bonds, and who has extensive experience working remotely. You want a partner who has seen your kind of problems before and tries to get to "yes" instead of "it depends".

You're someone I can trust to let me focus on my work, advocate for my team, and show tangible appreciation for a job well done. You're a partner who will help me grow in my career and challenge me to do better in constructive ways.

Thanks for reading! I really look forward to finding ways to work together.

Thank you to @fayecheadle, @dburka, @amychiou, @staserz, @harimohanraj89, @sartin_shannon, @bigfleet, and everyone else I lean on to be a better person every day. ♥️